Solbat Gaviol

Solbat Gaviol

Dilute sulphuric acid and electrolyte for batteries

Solbat Srl is a leader in the Italian market for dilute sulphuric acid diluted to various  concentrations with a production of around 60,000 tons/year manufactured in the three plants of Scarlino (Grosseto), Serravalle Scrivia (Alessandria) and Marigliano (Naples) at Eurochem.

Its main uses are:

  • Acid for Batteries
  • Ph regulator inside swimming pool
  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Metallurgical industry.

It also produces electrolyte for packs of batteries

Detergents and medical and surgical devices

The manufacturing facilities are situated in Scarlino (Grosseto) and in Roccabianca ( Parma).

The target market is that of national large-scale retail distribution.

Product distribution is managed through a network of internal company salespeople that cover the whole of Italy and it is organized through associated warehouses.

Research activity carried out by both plants focuses on the continuous improvement in the quality of the products and service to customers, while also being aimed at reducing the impact on the environment and improving safety of productions.