About us

Solmar Spa is the holding company of a group of companies operating at international level in various sectors:

  • Basic inorganic chemicals: the production and marketing of sulphuric acid and oleum is the core business of the group
  • Detergents and medical and surgical devices
  • Environmental remediation
  • Treatment and regeneration of waste
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Tourism

The group conducts its activities with plants in Italy and abroad.


Sol.Mar. S.p.A. was founded to submit a tender for the acquisition of the company Nuova Solmine S.p.A. From ENI Group.

Through a buy out managment operation, Nuova Solmine got completely under Sol.Mar. S.p.a.’s control. Sol.Bat. S.r.l. Was founded after the acquisiton by Sol.Mar. Group of a plant located in Bologna which produced electrolyties for batteries / sulphuric acid in different concentrations, demineralized water and body soaps, and cleaning products for houses and cars. Solbat’s production plant was moved from Bologna to Scarlino in 2002

Sol.Mar. got inside “Consorzio di autoproduzione elettrica” ( Consortium of the electricity productors), providing the electricity produced inside the plant to all the chemical pole in Scarlino and to the national network. The “Consorzio”, with its production, is able to cover almost the entire need of its partners.

Sol.Tr.ECO S.r.l. Is founded as an affiliate company of SOL.Mar. Group, as a result of the need to reclaim the areas of S.Martino and the former chipping plant owned by Nuova Solmine which were added to the reclaiming plan for polluted areas of Tuscany and coded with the acronym GR72, in order to have a manufacturing process closer to the environmental needs.

Zofital Service, a subsidiary company of Nuova Solmine, runs the activities of suppling and solidifing processes of all types of sulphur, produced in the italian raffineries, for the italian market.

Soltreco Bonifiche was founded in Scarlin in March 2010 through the transfer of Sol.tr.ECO S.r.l’s.reclaiming and securing polluted areas branch. These processes are conducted using the certified management system for quality UNI ECO ISO 9001 and in compilance to ISO 14001 law. The society has gained the certificate for safety OHSA 18001 since September 2009.

Hadri Tanks was founded. This society is running the logistics and storaging activities for chemical products. It is situated in Vasto, Adriatic Sea. The total storage capacity is 8000 tons of sulphuric acid, in 4 tanks of about 1000 m3 of volume each.

Nuova Solmine Iberia was founded in Barcelona, and it runs a key role inside Catalan market, thanks to its tanks which are located in Barcelona harbour in the Tepsa terminal. The total storage capacity is 3300 tons divided in 3 tanks of 1100 m3 of volume each.

San Felo a wonderful farmhouse situated on the top of Poggio La Mozza hills, few kilometres far from Grosseto, has a vineyard of about 30 hectars. Its production is around 200.000 bottles a year.

Solmar group celebrates 20 years of success, the result of passion, dedication and commitment.

Nuova Solmine France was born as local unit of Nuova Solmine in Marseille