Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility means to solmar Group to take care of people and the territory, of the local families and communities in which it operates. These principles has always guided Solmar since its first steps and their are valid until the present day. Our most important revenue has always been the social one which reflects the respect that the group has both for people and the planet.


Gavorrano sport Association started in 1930 as a desire of Montecatini Company , which was managing one of the most important European pyrites mines. Montecatini Society had the first football field built in the Filare fraction and call up players coming from all over the Tuscany and from Northern Italy. Those players also worked inside the company, working in the mines in the morning and playing in the afternoon.

The competition to which the team participated were mainly local until 2000 when Nuova Solmine became the main sponsor and the run up to higher categories started. Moving from Eccellenza to Promozione , to Serie C the greatest result in the club history in 2017.

The single group Serie C year was difficult for the “Rossoblu”, but at the same time amusing, lost only at the play-off stages and be relegated after only a season. During the current season (2018/2019) an agreement was signed with Real Follonica football club to create a new football club, U.S Follonica Gavorrano, born in June  2019 ,with an important youth sector which could better represent Follonica and Gavorrano territories. In the first competitive season played after the fusion,  Follonica Gavorrano  placed 9th in the Serie D championship, where it still plays.

Follonica Gavorrano also boasts a women’s 5-a-side football team that plays in the Women’s 5-a-side football championship – Serie C – Girone Unico

us Follonica Gavorrano - Responsabilità sociale d'impresa Gruppo Solmar

Basketball in Piombino

Basketball in Piombino started in the 50s, the club participated to Promozione and Serie C Championships, but at the end of the 1960s the real activity of the club, with the involvement of the youth sector in various tournaments, started.

Youth Championships started during those years. In June 2008, from the split of Follonica Basketball, Golfo Basketball was born. It gained the right to participate to the regional Serie C . It’s biggest step came in 2013 when Golfo Basketball won the National amateur Serie C Championship and gain the promotion to the National Amateur Serie B, where it is still obtaining great result today.

In the 70s, thanks to the will of Aldo Fiaschi, the enrollment of the first girls in mini-basketball courses began, so much so that today basketball in Piombino also boasts a women’s team, which over the years, starting from the 70s, distinct in the various championships so much that in the 2022-2023 season he will play in the prestigious national B series like his fellow men.

Basket Piombino - Responsabilità sociale d'impresa Gruppo Solmar


The collaboration with Max Lelli’s team started in 2010. Max Lelli has spent several year dedicating himself to this sport, with classical and stage races. He has organised many charity eventsduring the years:
In 2012 a charity race to help the people in Haiti after the earthquake; in 2015 a 230 km a cyclo-tour from Lido di Camaiore to Albinia to help the people damage by the flood in Albinia to which participated many important guests such as : Davide Cassano, Matteo Marzotto andthe Paralympic athlete Fabrizio Macchi; in 2018 a bycicle tour from Palermo to Rome to support the research on cystic fibrosis with Cassano, Marzotto, Macchi and Cipollini.

Ciclismo Maxlelli - Responsabilità sociale d'impresa Gruppo Solmar


Basketball sport club Serravalle was founded in September in 1972 by Mr. Mario Titolo, who was able to combine in a sport club both the enthusiasm of a group of young people from serravalle and the experience coming from former basketball players from Arquato.

The historical promotion to Serie C came in 1990 where it remained for some seasons. Thanks to its victory in Serie C in the season 2017/2018 the club got the promotion in Serie C Gold, where it still plays today.

Basket Serravalle - Responsabilità sociale d'impresa Gruppo Solmar

Scriabin award

The international piano award “Scriabin”, steadily the second most important piano competition in Italy, promoted and organised by Scriabin Musical Association along with the Cultural Foundation of Grosseto, Grosseto municipality and with the help of the Rotary Club, Rotary Foundation Carlo Berliri Zoppi, Generali Agency Maurizio Marraccini, Grosseto Mediolanum agency, Fazioil, Banca Tema, Corsini, Bastiani Grand Hotel, Gennari Bricolarge, Gallery Cafè and Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation.

Pianists from all over the world will show their abilities in a context that allows them to put themselves on the line and fully express themselves and also highlight our territory. A great chance for Grosseto to become one of the Capitals of music, a nest rich in culture that the administration wants to promote as well as our territory

PREMIO SCRIABIN - Responsabilità sociale d'impresa Gruppo Solmar


For what culture is concerned, the Group, as member of the Grosseto Cultura foundation, participates in and sponsors numerous events, especially dedicated to young people, which take place throughout the territory. Sol Mar is also one of the sponsors of the “Scriabin” International Piano Award, which attracts pianists from all over the world to Grosseto, making the city a real capital of music. As every year, also in 2021, the Group supported the Teatro delle Rocce Festival organized by the municipality of Gavorrano, where famous international artists perform, and the Castello d’Autore festival organized by the municipality of Scarlino.

In the Serravalle Scrivia area, Sol.Mar. supports various cultural, recreational and sporting initiatives organized by the Municipal Administration and other local promotion bodies. Among these are, for example, the activity carried out by the cultural association Arteventi for the enhancement and use of the archaeological and exhibition area Libarna and the cultural and musical initiatives of the musical body “Pippo Bagnasco”, born in 1863.