In order to ensure the safety of workers and the inhabitants of the area (the surrounding population), the respect for the environment, the safety of facilities, and to meet customers needs , and the control of production processes, products and emissions, all companies in the group have adopted an integrated management system in accordancy  with the group’s policies.

The organization

The holding company is in charge of the strategic cross-cutting activities of the operating companies:

  • Planning
  • Human resources and training
  • Research and development
  • Integrated management system for safety, environment and quality – REACH
  • Administration, finance and control
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Sales, logistics
  • Marketing

Our identity

The creation of value is pursued through:

  • Sustainable development
  • Development of human resources, health and safety
  • Respect for the environment
  • Social accountability
  • Quality of processes and products
  • Ethics and transparency


  • The company contributes to the FIAMI (Company’s illesses supplementary fund), voluntarily deposited by the employees which completes the state compensation for: hospitalization pay back, medicines, check ups, dental treatments, braces, hearing aid, glasses, physical therapy, funerary checks, etc…
  • Permanent nurse inside the plant, and reachable doctor
  • The company has pledge one-sidely, with an insurance company, a policy for specific diseases
  • The campany has joined SET (Federchimica’s emergency transport services)
  • The company has realized a permanent “Osservatorio Aziendale” (Company’s Check up) in order to have a constant dialog and exchange of information between the managment and the workers’ delegates, to define, to carry out and to check all the various activities of the plant, here included also the “Premio di Partecipazione” ( involvement prize) paid in February which takes under consideration the reached production, health and safety results. In addition there is a supplementary payment in the amount of the 50% when expected by the CCNL for business trips
  • SolMar’s companies frequently are partners of sport, social and cultural venture promoted by various associations
  • Company’s canteen ( the company is covering for the difference between the real cost of the meal asked by the service manager ( 6,42€ ) and the actual price paid by the employee ( 1€)
  • SOLMAR GROUP’s adhesions are continuous, sport , social and cultural initiatives prometed by various associations,


Sol.Mar. Spa, as leader of SOL.MAR. Group, in conpliance to the company’s policies, has adopted the compliance model to D.lgs 231/01. The adoption of such model of compliance is provide for by the law but is discretionary and not obligatory. The declaration is about code of conduct and management and control. The code of conduct stresses out rights and obligations of everyone who works inside SOL.MAR. S.p.a. And inside all the other companies that SOL.MAR. Owns, indicating the right behaviour to follow.

The organization model, management and control, represent all the principles of conduct and the protocols which aim to prevent crimes, according to art. 6 and 7 of the decree, to be added to the management and control instruments already in use ( code of conduct, procedures, service order…)

It identifies also the supervisory authorities and the system of sanctions.