Sol.Tre.Co Bonifiche

Soltreco Bonifiche specializes in securing and remediation of contaminated sites, in the treatment and reuse of soil, subsoil and landfills and materials undergoing remediation, in the monitoring of checks of remediated sites and in environmental and landscape rehabilitation work that forms the completion of remediation projects. It is entered in the company’ s register carrying out waste recovery activities in a simplified procedure under articles 214 and 216 of D.lgs 152/2006 and s.m.i.

The company is registered in the register of waste management companies for cat. 8 class “E” and 9 class “A” for activities of brokering and trade of waste without holding the waste, and for remediation of contaminated site activities. It has also obtained by SOA RINA SPA company the classification in category OG12 class IV°- BIS for remediation and environmental protection work and systems and for public work up to 3,500,000 euros and work in accordance with standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

To support all the activities mentioned above, in 2011 it set up a chemical analysis laboratory which, in addition to the traditional over-the-counter and preparation analytical techniques, features advanced, dedicated tools to carry out analytical controls on the raw materials and on final products of the Holding’s companies, liquid, solid and gaseous industrial waste, the workplace environment, soil and subsoil, water and chemical products. Lately the laboratory is specializing itself on the analysis on waste-managed brokerage, of which it is also carried out the classification in accordance with the regulations.

The Soltreco Bonifiche Srl multisite analysis laboratory, with branches located in Scarlino and Serravalle Scrivia, has been accredited by Accredia since 2012 and works in compliance with the UNI 17025 standard.